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The Influencers' National and International Ministries

The Influencers is an exciting new ministry to men that officially began in January of 2005. In 2001, our founder, Rocky Fleming, gathered a group of men, offering them this invitation: “I’m going on a journey to intimacy with Jesus Christ. Why don’t you come along?” The journey that these men went on together was one that saw them develop a nine-month process allowing each man to genuinely connect with God at the heart, through journaling and considering the timeless biblical truths about God, His character, and nature. The process helped these men not only make significant, life-changing breakthroughs in their understanding of whom God really is, but it also helped them become “self-feeders” in their relationship with Christ.

These men’s lives were changed and impacted so much that they encouraged Rocky to start a ministry that would offer this opportunity to thousands of other men hungry for more of God.

Since that time, this group has grown into involving hundreds of men who desire a deeper walk with Christ in:

   • Northwest Arkansas
   • Tulsa, Oklahoma
   • Orange County, San Diego, and Sacramento, California
   • Munich, Germany
   • Cairo, Egypt

The Journey book graphic
The Journey to the Inner Chamber, the book by Rocky Fleming relating his personal vision experience for ministering to men, has been translated into Arabic, is currently being translated into Spanish, and is being considered for translation into French, Swahili, and several other languages. Each of these ministry locations have their own personality and model, but the one thing we all have in common is our use of and commitment to going through the process that we know as “The Journey.”

The ministry began by ministering to men in the marketplace and has now spread to men’s ministries in various churches who are interested in helping their men grow in their intimacy and closeness to Christ.

The Mission of The Influencers:
To invite all of God’s men into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Vision of The Influencers:
To invite all men to go on the Influencers' Journey.

We’re going on a journey to intimacy with Jesus Christ. Why don’t you come along?

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Influencers retreat photo
One of Influencers West's retreats
Scope of Influencers West Ministry:

•Weekly Band of Brothers morning meetings in Irvine, CA (Fridays), Fullerton, CA (Wednesdays), and Long Beach, CA (Thursdays)

• Yearly men's and couples retreats

• Workshops:

              • Journaling Workshop
              • Spiritual Leadership Workshop
              • Marriage classes

• Speaking at men’s events, including retreats, breakfasts, evening dinners, BBQs, couples retreats and events

• Mentoring, coaching and counseling

• Consulting churches to help inspire, motivate and encourage them in their desire to intentionally and strategically minister to their men

• The Journey:
  • The Journey is our nine-month small group process designed to help men grow in their desire to become more intimate with Jesus Christ
  • Meeting with interested church leaders
  • Overview sessions with their men clearly explaining the process
  • Training facilitators and guides who will lead the groups
  • Coaching, mentoring and encouraging the guides and men as they participate in the process
  • Guiding and encouraging church leaders in seeing second generation leaders and groups develop with other men in the church

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Below are frequently asked questions about Influencers:

Q: What kind of ministry or organization is The Influencers?

The Influencers is a Christian missions team focused on men to help them grow in their intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Q. How and where have you been organized?

We are a non-profit corporation founded in Northwest Arkansas with present ministry locations in Tulsa, OK; Cairo, Egypt; Orange County, CA; and Sacramento, CA.

Q: What is the mission of the Influencers?

The mission of the Influencers is to guide men into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Q. What is The Influencers' vision?

The Influencers' vision is to invite all of God’s men to experience the Influencer’s Journey.

Q. What are The Influencers' core values and "DNA"?

• Intimacy with Jesus Christ
• Dependence on prayer
• Grace driven
• Authenticity in our Christian walk
• Personal abandonment and absolute trust

Q. What are the goals of The Influencers' ministry?

• Make Jesus Christ lord of your life
• Make God’s word the final authority in your life
• Link yourself together with a group of like-minded men
• Become a man of prayer
• Give it away

Q. How is The Influencer ministry supported or financed?

Like most missions teams, The Influencers is supported by those who believe in the ministry and want to see it grow through their prayers, personal involvement and financial gifts.

Financial gifts may be given to The Influencers by writing a check to The Influencers.

The check may be sent to:
The Influencers
3972 Barranca Parkway, Suite J-435
Irvine, CA 92606

Clips title graphic Influencers | Influencers West | FAQ
Here are "clips" (remarks) about what Influencers has meant to some of our members. We later will place some actual audio clips here so you can hear their testimonies in their own voices.

"It's been great this past year to meet Christian brothers of all backgrounds and ages with great stories how God's preserved and blessed them through tough circumstances over the years. Everyone goes through something tough sometime, and the support and encouragement have taught me a lot. God's bringing me and my business to better places as He keeps weaving great friendships around me. I'm bringing some of my closest buddies to visit Influencers and witness true "fellowship." —Alan K.

"I don't know what it is about Influencers, but there's something really special about it and the Friday Band of Brothers meeting. I know I want to keep coming, because I know it's good for me." —Bob I.

"These guys have prayed with me during some tough times in the past, and I'm bringing as many guys as I can to let them experience how awesome Influencers is." —Mark H.

Hey, don't take our word for it. Come experience it yourself.